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Get roasted for upcoming deadlines and your chronic procrastination.
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Missing a deadline, procrastination, or just no motivation what so ever - we have all dealt with such treacherous paths during our time as a student. How do we remedy this, you ask? Well, we all love hearing that "ding" on our phones as we get a message - what if you got a bunch of those roasting you? Let us explain - what if they roasted you about your chronic procrastination, laziness, and just guilt-tripped you into making sure you don't fail that one 8 am class?

What it does

The bot first takes a calendar ID. And then, events are obtained from the google calendar API using the calendar ID and the user is reminded of the events via messenger. These events are assumed to be deadlines for assignments, meeting times, etc. The reminders simply roast you!

How to use it

  1. Reach out to the messenger bot.
  2. Text it your calendar id (google calendar) - it is your email associated with the calendar.
  3. Get ready to get roasted and reminded!
  4. That's it!

How we built it

We failed a lot, but in the end, we stuck through with: Python, Flask, Heroku, MongoDB, Dialogflow, Google Calendar API, and the Facebook Messenger API.

Challenges we ran into

It turns out the scheduling code to be run at specific times for specific users is not as easy as it sounds. We tried out a plethora of technologies, Redis scheduler was one of the most notable ones it was the closes we got but sadly we were unable to make it play well with Heroku.

We spent a while dealing with some outdated and random changes in the google calendar API. The documentation definitely had a slight learning curve before you could completely understand and take advantage of it.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Built consumer-centric robots that might not be friendly but can definitely be helpful. Learned a lot about the stack we used! Made a new friend!

What we learned

Learned a lot about the technologies in our stack! Heroku, Flask, Python, Google Calendar API, Dialogflow, Google Cloud Platform, and Facebook Messenger API

What's next for Roaster

Adding more fire and fuel!

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