Ever thought to yourself: man, it's a good time for a prank? Well here's your outlet! With the rise of short humorous videos on sites like Vine and Instagram, and the boom of content provided out of privacy that Snapchat provides, Roast takes the two and slams them into one. With fast-paced rounds of hot potato, you can pick a crazy task and toss it back and forth with any number of your friends. And at the end? Video proof! Roast is centered around you and your friends getting to let loose and try out some crazy, silly, and surprisingly fun activities. Designed for anyone from their teens to their thirties (or just for those young at heart), our target users are the socialites of every age. But we don't just appeal to them, and by keeping content just between friends, we've opened up the doors to the more reserved crowd as well. In its current build, users can connect with Facebook to connect with their friends and jump right into the game! We're quite proud of our Firebase integration that allows us to keep a single database in the cloud, making sure that all players can interact on their own devices in real-time. Unfortunately, we have not yet integrated our content submission systems, but video sharing is in the pipeline! In addition, submission of pranks, dares, or silly tasks is soon to come, keeping the game lively during the Roast and after. We are a first-time hackathon team, with all members participating in our first ever hackathon (outside of a two hour game jam), and MLH at that!

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