Wildlife conservation is critical to human happiness and development. The scale at which our wildlife is permanently disappearing is astonishing. This requires a solution that leverages and extends existing efforts in order to truly stop illegal wildlife activities.

What it does

Connects the three key elements of wildlife conservation - the individual, the authorities and local communities. Individuals Any individual can report an illegal wildlife activity and get a tangible reward - cash! Reporters are encouraged to continue to report and level up in their conservation efforts.

Authorities Provide authorities with analytics and data that can be correlated with other existing police and wildlife activities databases.

Communities Provide visibility to communities of illegal wildlife activities in their areas and a way to become involved by donating to the conservation efforts.

How we built it

Our app is hosted in Github.


  • Used the Google flutter framework for the UI of the app. The app is written in dart.


  • Used Google Maps API in order to map the reports.
  • Used Python to create the simulated datasets that were used for the maps experience.
  • Used Python to create a filtering capability for the dashboards. Users can filter by Species, Area, Time, Severity and Status.

Machine Learning We created a convolutional neural network classification model in order to detect five animal species in user uploaded images.

Challenges we ran into

  • Learning a new UI framework
  • Cross-platform development (mobile, web and other)
  • Not enough time or data to train our ML models
  • Lack of data re: current reporting and/or tracking

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Going live with our solution!
  • No deaths or injuries on the team and we're all still friends.

What we learned

  • XD brings us all together.
  • Machine learning is not as hard as our data scientist tells us it is.
  • We learned an entirely new language and framework in less than 24 hours.
  • We are an amazing team and we love working together!

What's next for Roar

Continuing to work on this solution as a team and with other friends colleagues who are passionate about stopping illegal wildlife activities.

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