We were inspired by games like Five Nights at Freddie's and Among Us and wanted to make a similar game which had tasks the player must complete in order to ensure their survival.

What it does

Raccoon Run is a multiplayer game, where one player plays as the Raccoon which is hunting the 'player'. The 'player' is the other non-Raccoon player in the game. The 'player' is trying to escape the abandoned mine shaft they fell into, which houses a mutant raccoon by completing a series of tasks to repair the elevator. Once they repair the elevator, they are free, however in the mean time they must survive/avoid being hunted down by the raccoon player.

How We built it

We built it using Blender, Unity and Photon Network. We used Blender to create the models for the objects needed in tasks as well as the 'player' and raccoon. Unity was used to create the actual game, and Photon Network was used to host the multiplayer server.

Challenges We ran into

Challenges we ran into was implementing all the game mechanics we thought of in time, and using Unity as it is a relatively unfamiliar platform to us all.

Accomplishments that We're proud of

Creating a functional multiplayer system, creating all of our models and

What We learned

We learned how to use Unity and Photon to create a multiplayer game.

What's next for Roar of the Raccoon

  • Implementing more mechanics and tasks -Adding another 'player' character
  • Incorporating new voice related mechanics
  • Adding more mechanics to the Raccoon player

Built With

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