When we book a room usually we take the reference of the pictures shown on the website to know how good the room is, and that sometimes doesn't meet our expectations.

What it does

It is a live room visit web app, where we can visit a room through a video conference to check before they book.

How we built it

Dolby communication api for video conferencing, Angular for frontend, Nodejs express MongoDB are used for backend, Sawo labs api for authentication, Netlify Heroku and GH pages for deployment

Challenges we ran into

Dolby communication api was new for us, so we faced difficulty while the deployment of the web App

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Successfully completed the project after so many difficulties

What we learned

We learned about different APIs and to implement them

What's next for RoamRooms

The whole process from the hotel's side will be automated. With the help of IOT we will add a device that will show the live footage of the rooms when a meeting gets conducted.

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