Not having data when you need it sucks. Data caps shouldn't hold you back from what you need in your day to day life. We decided to make it so even without your data, your phone can guide you around, ket you know if it's gonna rain, and get you home for the night.

What it does

Get directions, today's and tomorrow's weather, and call an uber home all with a click of button.

How I built it

In Android Studio, a lot of text parsing, and clever compression.

Challenges I ran into

Compression of the data we got back from the APIs so we could send them back as reasonable text messages.
Android xml is frustrating.
Random laptop shutdowns

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Getting it done.

What I learned

Android is not fun to code UI's for.
How to make an Android app.

What's next for Roam

The Play Store?

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