A Wall Worthy AR Map Powered by Clusterpoint

*Disclaimer: Roam was built in a day*

Roam is an iOS App I built for the Maps as Art Summer Jam Hackathon. It utilizes the Clusterpoint platform to provide its backend. Roam allows you to explore some of the world's coolest points of interest on various maps in augmented reality. Download the Wall Worthy Roam Poster (You can hang it up if you want!) and point Roam at it. Hit the Roam button and you're off around the world!

Roam's Wall Worthy Poster

You can print this poster off and hang it on the wall, or even just point Roam at the computer image and it'll do its thing!

Download Links

Download the .ipa here:

HockeyApp Overview Page Here:


Working in Augmented Reality was very challenging, but honestly I've never worked with database coding. Implementing Clusterpoint into my app was definitely the hardest part!

What's Next

I'd love to be able to map entire cities in Roam, not just points of interest. Having fully scaled and augmented 3D cityscapes could facilitate city planning, architecture, and just help people get their bearings!

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