What it does

Roam helps people make the best of every moment, no matter where they are. Select your mood or play your chances, and Roam will guide you to an unrevealed, crowd-sourced location. Users specify an activity category such as exploring the outdoors, seeking dessert locations, or finding a new date venue and also input a distance that they are wiling to walk. Roam generates a user-vetted location and leads the user to the destination without revealing identifying details--adding an element of surprise to your next adventure. Roam interfaces with the Pebble watch to provide a convenient navigation experience.

Challenges I ran into

Version control and merging project components that were built separately. Issues with adding images into Android Studio and implementing a splash screen. Database push/pull issues due to hosting on an external website.


Roam is for anyone who has ever struggled to pick a restaurant or other destination, or who has become tired of frequenting the same locations. Benefit from the recommendations of other users, and add an extra element of excitement to your next adventure by navigating to an unrevealed destination. Embrace the spontaneous exploration!

What's next for Roam

  1. Users' rating and location feedback
  2. Add new locations, enlist 'beta' testers to suggest new locations
  3. Streamlined 'quit' feature once navigation is initiated
  4. Dynamically-updated distance remaining
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