Concept: In any large city, there are two streams of life: tourists on one side and locals on the other. Separating the two is the tourism industry. We plan to break that wall down. Who knows a city’s secrets and it’s tourist traps? Locals. Who wants that information? Tourists! So let’s bring them together in a meaningful way.

The app takes a business model proven time and time again by Airbnb, Lyft, and similar products, where one half of the user base has an abundance of a commodity (in this case, knowledge of the city), and the other half is purchasing it.

So, we get local college students to be “guides” and give a brief itinerary of their perfect few hours in the city. The itinerary specifies where they will take you, what you will do, how much it will cost, and when they are available. If a customer likes the itinerary, they can book the guide.

Tech: Backend: Transactions: Venmo SDK Languages: 80% Swift, 10% JavaScript, 10% Objective-C

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