Are you tired of indecision (:question:) or disagreement (:collision:) when it comes to a group journey? We have a solution for you!

What it does

RoadTripBallot is a web-based app for recommending places to visit on a :car:. Recommendations are based on a majority rule (i.e. the so-called democracy). To use this app, simply load it in your favorite web browser.

How we built it

  • Posted on GoogleCloud
  • Data storage with Google Firebase
  • Webpage design using React
  • GoogleAPI for mapping## Accomplishments we’re proud of* Building a web app in less than 24 hours!
  • Becoming familiarized with React in some way
  • Data science is in everything
  • Leveraging multiple APIs
  • Real-time update of API

Challenges we encountered* Working with React

  • Typing one character after 12AM
  • Integrating GoogleAPI into React
  • Structuring data into Google Firebase real-time database## What we’ve learned* Learning React and GoogleAPI
  • How to use Git collaboratively

What’s next

  • Collect user data for machine learning
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