When going on a road trip, it’s difficult to figure what the best travel stops are to see. We envisioned a road trip planner that dynamically allows users to choose their ideal travel spots and simplifies the planning process by giving them suggestions based on their input.

What it does

Given stops in general areas, RoadTrip figures out the highest rated attractions to see in that area. This interactivity allows users to plan the best trip according their preferences and takes the hassle out of planning such a trip.

How we built it

RoadTrip uses the Esri ArcGIS API to plan and create travel routes that help visualize and provide greater interactivity in one simple web app. Esri’s dedication to making geography beautiful and accessible has made this project possible.

Challenges we ran into

Originally, the plan was to use stops located along the shortest path between the start and final destination. However, we couldn’t retrieve the latitude and longitude of stops along the route and provide landmarks and attractions throughout the trip. We then chose to have the user input various stops.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We created a functional app that would require only several more tweaks and improved data to be a full-fledged web app. We synthesized our varied skillsets into a cohesive and comprehensive final project.

What we learned

We learned a great deal about the capabilities and power of Esri’s API and how to work in Javascript, Python, and several API’s.

What's next for RoadTrip

Extending RoadTrip to recognize not only attractions but also functional locations like stores or gas stops. Also, providing stops continuously throughout the trip rather than requiring user input of stops.

Built With

  • python-+-javascript
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