Moved by the number of accidents in just the United States (tolling over 100,000 on road each year), we decided to develop an application that allows users to know about the current condition and past history of the roads. While you are on the go, not only does it warn you about the approaching bad roads, it also shows you the active accident sites near you. You can now reach your destination as quickly and as safely as possible.

What Did We Use?

This project was built using Python, JavaScript, Flask web framework, HTML5, and CSS. The backend of the application is currently deployed on Google App Engine and the application uses a bunch of API's and accesses a lot of government-provided databases to get the most accurate data possible.

Over the process of building this application, it was exciting to know how certain cities have already taken quite a bit of measures to reduce the number of accidents in their area, and it was even more exciting to know how they have succeeded in achieving their goals. Over the next few weeks, we plan to come up with an Android application that makes it even more easier for people to log data on the go.

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