Road Star provides customers with stations addresses for Electric, Hybrid, Ethanol, Hydrogen, LPG and LNG fuel types that are within the vicinity or within a state or near a Zip Code. Road Star also provides policy information by state based on various categories like Tax, Grant, Rebate, Registration, Exemptions, Loans and Other Policies. You can find a list of all the Sample Utterances you can issue to Road Star here:

The first step in the development of Road Star included the creation of a Web API that Alexa could connect to. The Web API was created using Visual Studio 2015 and C#. The Web API is currently hosted in Azure. The Web API takes into account all the sample utterances and their intentions in code. The code first calculates the Alexa’s physical address (Address permission needs to be enabled). It uses this zip code to provide information on local alternative energy stations. The service can also return locations based on state as well any zip code within the country. In addition the service also provides policy information of each state and contact information of representatives of each state.
The Service also uses SSML mark up throughout the code, to manage the rate of speech and the tone of the conversation. It also controls address conversations by using SSML tags like address, digits, phone etc. and pauses between sentences. The service also had to undergo security tests and functionality testing to make it to the certification process. The web API is here: The final step was to fill out the certification template with skill information, interaction model, configuration, SSL certification, publishing information and compliance. I generated custom slot types LIST_OF_CATEGORIES (Grants Tax, Rebate, Registration, Exemptions, Regulation, Biodiesel, Ethanol) , LIST_OF_STATES and LIST_OF_TYPES(Electric, Hybrid, Ethanol, Hydrogen, LPG and LNG

This is phase I of my skill. I plan to extend this in a way that Electric and other alternative energy fueled cars would be able to communicate with Alexa and find this information on their own, as well start themselves and drive to the nearest fuel stations all on their own and return back to the garage!

I have also written extensively about this skill on my blob at :

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