One of our members had a decent idea so we went with it.

What it does

Our app allows people to report incidents of roadkill with an image and description, and to view roadkill reports around them on a map view. Hopefully, pest control services can utilize our app to target their roadkill cleanup services.

How I built it

We used React Native to build our app.

Challenges I ran into

Configuring the camera API was difficult, as we tried a few different APIs before we got it working.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We learned a lot and made a cool app.

What I learned

Two of us had never used React Native, so we had to learn it. One person had very limited experience, so much of what he did was new too. Two of us also learned how to integrate firebase into our application.

What's next for RoadKillAlert

We would add a delete feature for reports, as this has to be done once roadkill is cleaned up. We would also make a way for local pest control agencies to be alerted by roadkill reports.

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