Roadify makes smarter transit by opening up data to the people that use it.

Roadify combines New York’s best commuting resources into one free service that’s with you wherever you go.  Whether you’re looking for that free parking spot a neighbor just left or trying to get a better idea of when your bus or subway is showing up, Roadify’s got you covered.  The free iPhone app instantly connects you to your route's latest conditions and alerts. Roadify takes the most recently published data from sources like the MTA and DOT and then adds real-time updates from commuters like you to make them even smarter. PUBLIC TRANSIT: Is the bus a few minutes late or your subway running really slowly? Simply give an update to Roadify.  Roadify will compare it to the schedule and pass your info down the line so other riders can get a better sense of when it’s really showing up.  DRIVING: Roadify is easily the most comprehensive app for drivers in New York. Find parking quickly, either on-street or in a garage with the tap of a finger. Compare gas prices and know you're getting the better deal. Use Roadify’s “Decision Point Traffic” to see whether to take the Bridge or the Tunnel and let Roadify decide for you. It's the commuting info you need right when you need it from your fellow commuters.

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