Human Behaviour is very clear, people will start doing something if they get incentives for doing that. We are presenting people with an incentive to follow traffic rules.

What it Does?

Just log on to the app and look at the list of traffic rules that you have to follow on the road. Start the trip and the app will ask you to turn on GPS and mobile data to track your precise location. With this location, app will track your speed and check if you are following speed limit. It will check for how long you have stood at certain position and if that is because of red light or traffic jam. Status of traffic lights will be synchronised with our database. If you skip the red light it will also be noticed. If a road is one way it will be checked whether you are not driving in wrong direction. Installing OpenXC in the vehicle will unlock vehicle data which will give even precise insight into driver's behaviour. If everything is going right virtual currency will be added to roadcoin wallet.

How we built it?

To reach maximum people we are currently using android and will extend to iOS in future. We will allow people to just use their mobile data and GPS info to get going. Since this app is using real time data, we are using firebase as our database. Example if GPS's location of a person is within a range for a particular time near a red light. App will detect that. The web application is also under construction that will display all the data analytics. It is built using Angular JS.

Challenges we ran into..

The biggest challenge is the collection of data. We need running status and locations of all traffic lights in the city. We need to get speed limits and other traffic rules of all the roads. Another big challenge is business model. This app need to be profitable. Currently we are thinking of displaying ads. But long term strategy is tie-up with companies who want to sell their deals against our app's currency. Other way is to sell the data generated which will be very useful.

Accomplishments that we're proud of..

Writing logic and algorithms to determine what person's driving status is based on GPS location was particularly hard. Also the data that will be produced by this app will be very helpful for determining the bottlenecks of traffic in the city. It will help traffic police to instate correct laws at correct places. It will help local government to decide which places need overpasses and underpasses. It will help in allocation and reallocation of public transport to the routes which need them most.

What's next for RoadCoin?

RoadCoin right now is just an abstract idea. It will become a product when it will be applied on a real city. For that we need to collect all the traffic data. And traffic lights need to be synced with the app. This is challenging, but it will pave way for a world class traffic system. Also with so much data possibility comes for machine learning and neural nets to be applied. Artificial Intelligent agents built using app of this data may predict possibilities of accidents in the future.

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