Lots of (mostly) satisfied users of Home Field ScorebooK asking for the ability to download rosters before keeping score at a MLB game.

What it does

The gimmick of Home Field ScorebooK is that it automagically updates previously-entered data (team, league rules, past starting lineups) based on the GPS coordinates when you start to score a game. The idea behind this hack is to be able to auto-fill the same information when you're at an away ballpark.

Everywhere that Home Field ScorebooK has an 'add' button for manual entry, Road Trip ScorebooK has a 'download' button to enter the same information from a server. Partially downloaded information (titles only) has a cloud icon, and fully downloaded items wear an inbox icon (to tell them apart from manually-created items.)

How I built it

Homegrown wrappers to the Sportradar and Stattleship APIs.

Challenges I ran into

Total NSURLSession and NSXMLParser newb...

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I was able to recreate the look and feel of my existing app in one day from scratch.

What I learned

More Interface Builder than I've used in 5 years of development, plus a little bit of what's under the hood of HTTP.

What's next for Road Trip ScorebooK

Integrate as a feature into the real app: Home Field ScorebooK

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