For anyone who has planned a road trip, it is obvious how much effort goes into organizing one. This application allows the you to plan the perfect road trip by reducing the cost of staying in hotels. You can now choose which friends you wish to crash with as you drive through

How it works

As a user, you type in the start point and destination of your journey. The application loads up information from your social networks (facebook) to figure out your friend locations along the path of the journey. It displays all possible friends and allows you to choose which friends you wish to crash with.

In areas where you do not have any friends, it looks up places from AirBnB and suggest places to live.

Challenges I ran into

  • Pulling User's data from facebook.
  • Pulling friend's data from facebook.
  • Displaying custom HTML markers on google maps
  • Pulling data from Airbnb
  • Algorithm for computing distances between friends and the path
  • Designing a fluid and responsive UI
  • Facebook application approval (permissions) take about 7-9 days for approval. So the live application does not yet work with actual facebook users. For the hackathon, we are therefore using mock data / users. Once the application is approved, users will be able to see actual friends.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

  • We are among the very few applications that is able to pull data (about 50%) from airbnb's database considering they do not have an open API.
  • Neat and polished UI
  • Integration of AirBnB and facebook API with Google Maps to provide a seamless experience.

What I learned

  • API integration
  • Speed coding in a collaborative environment
  • Google Map and facebook API
  • animations and transitions ins CSS -mashape API integration -a lot about maps!!!

What's next for Road Trip

  • Iphone + Android Application
  • Images and profile integration
  • Some mechanism of extracting more meaningful information from facebook -Tap into other social networks that might aid our app!
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