What inspired me

When I was studying for my Class 7 drivers license test, I was very confused by road signs and their meanings. I wish there was a game to practice my knowledge on road signs.

How it's built

Made using Pygame, written in Python, Road Sign Master is a simple and fun game where players click and match random road signs with their meanings.


A major challenge that I ran into was that clicking and flipping all cards over at once would win the game as all cards are facing up and are matched with their meanings. I fixed this problem by limiting the maximum number of cards to 2.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I proud that I utilized Pyinstaller for the first time and compiled the Python program to an UNIX excutable file.

What we learned

I've learned that online forums such as Stack Overflow can be extremely helpful.

What's next for Road Sign Master

I wish to learn and incorporate sound effects in Road Sign Master

Built With

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