The Problem :

People all around the world keep running for their basic needs.They are traveling on the road with lot of buzz in their mind. Because of it some incidents or accidents were happened in the past and even happening now. So the traveling time is crucial, you should make a travel carefully. Preventing from sadness is more important than being happy. As we know "Prevention is better than cure" Here we go with my solution for road safety for various user types.

My Solution :

My solution (application) used for Drivers, Pedestrians and Visually Challenged/Impaired to keep them safer while traveling / crossing on the road. Based on this, it has 3 modes as mentioned above and user have to select any one based on their need. Drivers and Pedestrians modes almost feature alike, it wont allow user to use phone (Like chatting, gaming, etc) while driving as well as during walking. It will provide more information about travel like location information of current place, traffic and alternate routes by using Gee Location(Latitude, Longitude and Altitude). In case of Visually Challenged/Impaired(new Socialism feature) who can't use device like others, Blind mode can be set; So that it will keep on alerting them to walk left or right. Also, it will send help message to near by people(Drivers and Pedestrians Note: if only if they are installed this app) to move opposite side of the road. It will have complete history of this application such as notifications(alerts), logs and reports.

Innovation - Audio interface for visually challenged/impaired :

The challenging part in my solution is the visually challenged/Impaired people to make use of this application. So, I'm suggesting them to use this application with help of audio interface(support), As per the suggestion based on the screen tapping count archive the few functionalities. Bellow you can see the sample audio for them.

* (At the very first app opening) - Welcome to road safety +

* Are you visually impaired? If yes, Keep on pressing your smart phone or tablet screen until the beep sound;
(After chosen this mode) Successfully visually impaired mode picked. And you will be guided by this app audio.

* Hi, This is road safety support.. If you tapped once, I will give support with audio else won't. If you tapped twice GPS and server sync      will be activated or deactivated if already activated. If you tapped trice an help message will be sent to near by people to cross the road or      cancelled if already sent. If you keep on pressing you will get address of current location.

* (App keep on checking the distance between the phone and the Google map road. If the distance is approximately < 2 meters with max. accuracy then you will be intimated with this audio) You are on the road. Please walk left or right most side of the road.

* (Intimation for neighbours) Do you want to intimate where you are to neighbours.
Where you are :: Current location. (GPS/GPRS is not activated so please wait for the data.)

* And more audio support you can check with the app.

Here, You start with android app and web portal :

Android : Download Here

Website : Click Here

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