We wanted to help fix Ann Arbor roads that are falling into disrepair.

What it does

It maps out road conditions as you drive and creates a heatmap showing the hotspots where roads are in dire need of repair.

How I built it

We built a React Native app using the Expo framework and created a backend using Ruby on Rails.

Challenges I ran into

  • Google Maps API doesn't allow heatmaps to be embedded in React Native apps so we had to find an alternative solution.
  • We had to carefully scope how much we could do to interpret the hardware (accelerometer and GPS) data. There is a lot more that can be done to improve the heatmap generation algorithm. However, we're collecting all the data we would need to improve those algorithms.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

  • We were able to really work well together as a team and were all able to remain productive.
  • We were able to find a creative solution to our heatmap issue
  • We were able to create a simple algorithm that works pretty well to interpret the data in a meaningful way.

What I learned

  • We learned how to use and integrate a lot of technologies together. None of us had ever created a native app before this hackathon.
  • There's a lot of potholes in Ann Arbor

What's next for Road Radar

  • Finding whether or not municipalities would want to use this app
  • Recording more data to create a more complete map of Ann Arbor road conditions
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