Austin and I have personally known friends our age who have seriously injured themselves and totaled their cars by falling asleep at the wheel. We thought of a solution to this by creating RoadFocus.

What it does

Using facial-detection and data collection, Road Focus can track a driver's safety habits and also actually prevent fatal accidents. Customers of State Farm will have the ability to save money on life and auto insurance by using the application as well.

How we built it

Road Focus's front-end was built natively, in Objective-C and Swift. The back-end is connected to Google Cloud Platform. The facial detection was completed using Google's ML Kit.

Challenges we ran into

The biggest challenge was learning how to integrate facial detection and have it function the way we needed to for the application. Little to no documentation was provided for how to integrate a buffer-system into a native application.

Working with new products on Google Cloud platform also proved challenging and took a while to fully understand.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of being able to deliver a finished application that uses powerful technology that we taught ourselves.

But most importantly, we are proud to say that our solution could save people’s lives.

What we learned

Never using facial detection before, we thought this was an appropriate challenge for us to take on. After completion of the project, we can safely say that we are comfortable writing facial-detection software for iOS.

What's next for Road Focus

Sharing a developer account with Austin, we plan on publishing a more refined version onto the App Store.

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