Our Inspiration

As the Rodeo became more globalized and popular, getting a feel for the Wild Western culture sparked our interest in making a Rodeo-themed project. We felt that it would be great to add a feature that can help during our pandemic days by creating a way to collect donations from a game. We were inspired by a similar concept, called Free Rice, which gives users a way to donate bowls of rice to those in need. In turn, we included a game that rewards a donation amount to organizations that help with COVID-19 relief.

What does our name mean?

Ro - comes from “rodeo”. Geo - comes from “Give [donate]. Explore [virtually]. Optimize [resources].”

What it does

On our website, there are four sections for users to explore: About, Play, Tunes, and Rodeo.

  • About: Learn about the Rodeo.
  • Play: A simple game to raise Covid-19 donation funds.
  • Tunes: Jam to some Wildn’ Tunes.
  • Rodeo: Check out the latest Rodeo events.

Challenges we ran into

We were familiarizing with Radar.io for the first time, and it turned out to be a tricky task as it was new to both of us. Nonetheless, we were soon to catch on and made the best of what we learned.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We’re proud of how each section of our site was established with sufficient amount of content to help users explore our website and learn more about the Rodeo. It was very satisfying to see our final look when everything was put together.

What's next for Ro-Geo

Our goal is to add new music to the “Wildn’ Tunes” section and to hopefully form a dynamic playlist. By doing so, we will be giving users a greater choice in creating and discovering new music and playlists.

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