It was a suggestion for a contribution to the hackathon that sounded doable. Turns out it was :D

What it does

It Tweets RMRK1.0 and RMRK2.0 sales live. Living example: Github repo:

How we built it

With code :D

Challenges we ran into

It doesn't check that the item is actually for sale. One could presumably create a "fake" transaction that would show in the Tweet stream, though they'd have to include an actual balance transfer, and I don't see what great value that would bring to them.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

It works! Also it implements for both RMRK1.0 and RMRK2.0, and implements the floor threshold. Follow @blocksbrandon and you'll see it work :D

What we learned

How to create a Twitter bot in Nodejs :D

What's next for RMRK Twitter Bot

This can easily be adjusted or extended to whatever chat platform anyone wants. Just need to plug in the right function.

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