I wanted an easy way to share my favorite NFTs from the Singular marketplace. This mini app is ready to be called inside a set of copy-and-paste iframes with varying widths.

What it does

This super-simple Sinatra app pulls the tag out of the calling url, pings the RMRK api for the metadata link, and then calls the rmrk pinata gateway for an image link. The image is then presented with minimal css styling, populated with Twitter metadata for your tweeting pleasure.

How we built it

I love Ruby, so that's what I used. Sinatra is a nice micro-framework that runs on thin server and is perfectly suited for this use case. I used bundler to prepare for deployment and it now runs on Scalingo but could easily be ported to any Ruby-friendly host that supports bundler and a Procfile. The entire app can be compressed into 76kb so it is super lightweight.

Challenges we ran into

Fiddling with Ruby versions was a bit tedious, but the biggest problem was playing nice with the chosen http request gem and then getting bundler install to run. I settled on Net::HTTP for Ruby 2.7.2 and that seemed to do the trick.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We picked up the domain which I think gives it a nice touch. :)

What we learned

Sinatra is pretty cool, I had never made a Sinatra app before although I've worked with Rails since version 1.2 which was a long time ago.

What's next for - Embed Your NFTs with a Simple Copy & Paste.

I promise if I win, I will spend all my money on Kanaria birds and RMRK tokens!

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