Have you even been in a situation when the item you really like was on sale for a day and you missed it. As frustrated as you may have, we decided to make an app that deliver deals straight to your wrist. Yes, it does collect offers from deal website like RetailMeNot that gives you only the one that you like.

How it works

You tell us which stores that you want to subscribe to, we will get you best and latest offers for those stores as soon as they are available. Besides, it also tells you offers for stores that near you.

Challenges I ran into

FSU blocks most ports beside 80 for HTTP thus I could not access to my server via SSH. In addition, I cannot connect to any port besides 80, so many scripts won't work.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Make useful app for people so they won't have to miss any good deal.

What I learned

Team organization and collaboration

What's next for RMN-Pebble

Make it a full-pledged pebble watch app

More information

Contact me at

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