To be used for the robot in .the NASA RMC competition

What it does

Plots a path from origin/start point to mining area; can either set predetermined number of stop points or have them randomly generated. Can also give you a random location in the mining area or you can specify where in the mining zone you want to end up

How I built it

Mattlab + aid from mentors + lots of googling

Challenges I ran into

how to set it so that the final coord will always be within the mining zone;

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

It works!! And even gives you a lovely plot at the end

What I learned

Too much to list here haha. But how to overwrite matrixes, how the use the "varargin" variable to make inputs optional, etc

What's next for RMC PathFinder

adding more "ifelse" statements so that it can work in sync with the object/obstacle detection components of the robot and learn whether or not the robot can run over the obstacle or if it should plot a path around it

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