One of the members of the team had a real problem connecting faces of people with their names. For the blind or those at conferences, or if you just generally have a poor memory like her, RMBR is a solution utilizing image recognition and machine learning to recognize your friends, find their internet presences, and provide a little extra info for the curious. RMBR is a unique personal assistance device meant to aid in the speedy recognition of those around you and help you socialize smoothly. RMBR is a cloud solution for blindness and prosopagnosia.

What it does

RMBR is a camera, which can be integrated in sunglasses, connected to a portable raspberry pi that can take and process images of people around you and let you know who they are through a notification through the watch app we built.

How we built it

The Raspberry Pi is running a Python Server which keeps listening to the mobile application we built for camera triggers. It processes the image and returns the people in it by going through your Facebook friends.

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