Our group uses Discord a ton. We're commonly asking each other for help on homework. A great barrier in this endeavor is: verbal math is difficult. It's hard to communicate our ideas and expressions to each other with just words. Screen sharing isn't that great as we still need to display this information in a digestible manner and also produce correct answers. Thus our discord bot can help us communicate such information efficiently and on the same platform.

What it does

A bot on discord that helps with math and math communication.

How we built it

We're using various libraries, the main one is discord.js in order to host the bot to a discord server.

Challenges we ran into

Node.js is somewhat different than anything we have experience in and we faced various difficulties in getting the APIs to work with our code.

What we learned

We learned how to use APIs and node.js

What's next for Rizu Ogata

We're gonna update her periodically and use her for our server.

Built With

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