Inspiration ## What it does

Rizmi project is a prototype of an ambitious project to enable people from the Middle East to stay up to date with global cutting-edge research. The project is simple, we enable Arab Scholars, or any person who has an interest in research, to read a translated summary of modern research. Furthermore, we provide the opportunity for English and Arabic speakers to contribute to our database through a very simple process. In order to contribute, users can pick an open research database, a discipline they like, and they will be provided with the 10 most recent scholarly papers in that discipline. They then can choose which scholarly paper to translate. They're only required to translate the title and the summary of the scholarly papers. We believe the summary provides great insight, and thus, we want to keep the process simple.  

The naming Rizmi comes from the last five letters of "Al-Khawarizmi". In addition to his crucial contribution to Algebra, Al-Khawarizmi lived to show how important it is to reach new horizons and connect with new worlds, i.e. Europe around his time, all for the sake of empowering science. He showed us that science doesn't depend on a single nation, but rather, it's the cumulative efforst of people around the world. For this reason, we continue his journey and we call ourselves Rizmi Scholars. We firmly believe that it's not impossible to contribute to science as much as Al-Khawarizimi did. Therefore, we start with baby steps, with ambitions that are impossible to bound. 

How I built it

I built it using Firebase, React.js, HTML, CSS, JavaScript. I started by designing the data structure, and then I did some research for a few hours because I was thinking about using GO with MongoDB but then thought I only have a few hours and Real-Time Database seemed so appealing.

Challenges I ran into

A trillion bug because this is my first time using Firebase Database. I had to learn what kind of characters does it accept, how to read and write, and how to simplify and not use Redux.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

My first web app that actually reads and writes to a database. I'm so proud of that. I'm also proud that I didn't give up. I ran into very discouraging issues, but thankfully, I started over many times and kept going with no sleep :)

What I learned

I learned that passion is more important than food and sleep. If I weren't that passionate about this project, I would have given up so easily. But I truly believe that this project will make a difference. It might seem simple, but people back home have no access to real research. Giving the opportunity to at least read the summary in Arabic is significant.

What's next for RizmiDB

Rebuild it, every single line of it. This is just a prototype. I'm not really proud of my implementation. Many things were not considered and it doesn't feel solid. I will do some market research. I'm hoping to find people from the Gulf who are ready to support me. Also, I'm thinking about turning it in a business. I can create jobs by allowing people to request full translation of the entire paper for cash. I can allow English-to-Arabic interpreters to offer their services online, and therefore, getting the opportunity of making money on my platform.

Finally, this is only the first step. I have a dream to contribute to education in the middle east, and this is my first step towards that dream.

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