Me and my team had originally set out to create an app to organize local events in Riverside County, but when we saw the app idea from Riverside County Waste Management, it sounded like an interesting challenge. They provided us the data, and we out to present it in a dynamic, intuitive, manner. We wanted to make it simple, so that it would be easy for constituents of Riverside County to find information about waste management, as well as to find out about upcoming events related to waste management. Our target users are residents of Riverside County who are interested in making use of the resources of the Riverside County Waste Management Department. We decided on making use of ArcGIS's API to visualize our data, as demonstrated by this link. We worked all night to accomplish finishing this website. Althogether, I am very proud of what my team accomplished, as it was our first hackathon, as well as our first time working with web development. We feel like we learned more in the last 24 hours than we have learned in weeks of our courses. Also, with the help of our wonderful, hard working designer, we were able to accomplish what we had set out to do.

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