Internet gives us an easy path to spend our money on anything, except if you want to help someone

If you want a movie there are plenty of platforms to get it, same for cellphones, plane tickets and almost any other thing we can think of, except of charities. Only big names like UNICEF or Wikipedia have a way to donate easily and that is because software development isn´t easy much less cheap.

Donations are still being done manually with a lot of uncertainty.

If you want to make a donation you have to go through a lot of trouble. • Find a non-profit. • Be sure that they are real. • Find how to send them money. • you want to give monthly? more trouble • are they really helping? how do you know? • do you need a receipt for your taxes?

What it does

It gives you a list of curated charities so you can be sure that donating to them will result in really helping people in need. And lets you make donations to either big or small charities from the comfort of your device.

How I built it

Vue, Node and Amazon lambda for the tech stack. Here maps for the maps. Alexa integration. Cybersource rest api. Wikipedia api for the charities pages.

Challenges I ran into

I just found out about the challenge a few days ago so only could work on it for something like 3 days. (you can see on github). Sure if you give me the opportunity I´ll build something way better for the conference day.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Integrating cybersource, alexa and here maps. Never tried any of those before but somehow I managed to do it.

What I learned

I should keep and eye on events so I have more time and not just 3 days.

What's next for Rivis

I am seriously thinking on continuing with the project, I know if a two way solution that could help a lot. Sure needs a lot of work but I am pretty sure it could get traction fast if I fix some big details.

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