--I walked around the building and saw the lake, and was thinking about emergence, and soil from the possibly fake plant on the third floor. Then I suggested we look into rivers to the group and we decided on this project.

What it does

-generates a random grid of our non-water material with varying strengths. Then allows us to place a water source at any point and then make a river or lake depending on sinks and sources and watch it expand and grow.

How we built it

-emergent properties. We won't tell the river where to go. We want the river to arise out of the simple rules we write. -grid based setup to simplify interactions and optimize

Challenges we ran into

-we didn't fully understand river erosion to begin with, so we had to learn that; meaning we had to look into fluid dynamics a bit. -getting rid of white spaces between bezier curves for our backup animations -simplifying fluid dynamics to model it approximately

Accomplishments that we're proud of

-we are going to demo at our first hackathon!!!!! -it mostly worked!! -THE RIVER FLOWS!!!!!!! (in an approximate way) -it looks

What we learned

-javascript (for those of us who didn't have prior experience with it) -some html -making a canvas -basics of fluid dynamics -why and how rivers erode -Oxbow Lakes in particular -how to draw a curved line in javascript -How to make a html slider -how to work on a team for a single code -how to better organize a project

What's next for River Erosion

Next we would like to make it work and enable it to maintain a river shape.

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