We wanted to make a game that involved ML capability, which this does, but ended up not being implemented.

What it does

The user is presented with a tweet and must decide which rival sports team the author follows

How we built it

The APIs were somewhat unfamiliar to us and it was our first hackathon

Challenges we ran into

Time crunches and overall stress were a factor, but we also had to budget our time, as most of us were dealing with exams and other things that took attention, so we weren't able to give 100% to this event.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We successfully implemented the project and used tools that we hadn’t before to build something fairly complicated (compared to what we'd done before) in such a short time span.

What we learned

How to use APIs, how to find out information for ourselves and teach ourselves to code. We also learned a lot about ourselves, and how we can push through some of the frustration and fatigue to build something we're proud of.

What's next for Rivalries

In the future, we might come back and add some ML capability to Rivalries, but we weren't able to put in the time to do that during the event.

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