Today there are plenty of travel apps out there such as Google Maps and Waze. Unfortunately these apps are only concerned with getting you somewhere the fastest, not the safest. What if we could work with these apps to prioritize driver safety and make sure users are going the RiteWae?

What it does

Our app takes travel to the next level by ensuring your commute is on the safest route. Utilizing Google Maps API and Liberty Mutual's Shine API, our app can alert you of nearby dangers or hazards as well as provide you with the historical data for geographic areas.

How we built it

We built our application using a MongoDB Stitch back-end & React Native front-end with a sprinkle of Liberty Mutual's Shine API and Google Maps API.

Challenges we ran into

Along the way we struggled with implementing voice recognition on time. Ideally this app would have a completely hands free feature....however this feature is not far off. In addition learning a new technology stack proved problematic with no prior experience among the team; however, it was a worthwhile endeavor.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

For half the team this was our first Hackathon, we just met this weekend and we still managed to build a fully functional prototype. Overcoming our various challenges as mentioned before was a fulfilling experience.

What we learned

Teamwork makes the dream work. Additionally, motivation can come from unexpected sources -- such as a stray succulent lost in the wind.

What's next for RiteWae

Data is in, not only do we provide safety as a service for our users, but over time as the app scales data sets from the users can be used to improve roadway infrastructure and the driving experience for everyone. Law enforcement may use this data to prioritize problem areas. Finally, the insurance sector may use this data to have better predictors into customer behavior patterns.

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