We're a bootstrapped startup founded 4 years ago to help people reach more people in social media. We are a team members spread around the world working remotely towards this common goal.

How it works

Hashtags are hard to pick. We color code them and simplify this. We also give you access

Challenges I ran into

Even though I spent most of the past year glued to my macbook, programming was actually the easy part. Working with a remote team in a scrappy startup pushed me to doubt

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

The responsiveness of our web application is stunning when you think that it's just made with web frameworks. We created an impossible problem that my ego forced me to overcome. I spent a lot of long nights working on the problem of modifying existing websites to show a dynamic application that is on par with a native app.

What I learned

Apart from a ton of javascript programming chops, I've developed a lot of general startup experience, teambuilding skiils, and managing large groups of people.

What's next for RiteTag?

It's a stealth product we are launching at the end of the summer. It's giong to hopefully change the SMM landscape on mobile.

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