Today’s rapidly changing financial landscape combined with the need for travel and decentralized businesses calls for a way to have accurate, real-time data of one’s financial assets while on the go. By automating both notifications and data analysis in mobile devices through BlackRock’s extensive Aladdin API, we enable people to view their portfolio, analyze their securities, and make important, time-sensitive decisions whenever necessary.


Securities Risk Alert implements SMS messaging to alert users whenever their financial portfolio rises above a certain risk level. To do this, it takes advantage of BlackRock’s Aladdin API to keep track of a scalable portfolio’s real-time data, performs analysis on that data, and juxtaposes a chosen risk threshold level with the calculated risk. This application implements effective security protocol against web exploitations all while allowing free user access.


It took some time to get situated with new platforms and languages all while working in a team environment. We had people with different skill sets and skill levels, but in the end it was fun working together to create a unique application.

New Experiences

1) Secure authentication and validation

2) Basic security protocol

3) Procedural password storage

4) Full stack web development

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