Unskilled workers from Eastern Europe are doing seasonal work in Western countries and from the money they earn in a few months, they can live for the rest of the year back in their home countries. Because of Covid-19, these people are vulnerable, stuck in their home countries without any income. The local governments were not prepared for this scenario, they don't have an efficient or cohesive way of tracking or managing these people and their requests.

What it does

The main goal of the Angular web application, which is part of our project, is to create a database that gathers unskilled labor in one place, thus helping them in their employment. Another great advantage of our planned application is that users are able to filter out families in need easily and quickly through a closed system reserved for social department staff. Based on the data entered, the application will calculate, among other things, whether a given person is entitled to social assistance or who would need an assistance package.

Our solution is an easy-to-use cloud-based application for the social department of the local governments to manage risk groups and to monitor the statuses of their requests for social assistance. The benefits of the application:

  • it can be accessed anytime and from anywhere
  • multiple users can work within it simultaneously
  • data is easily referenced, and cases can be tracked and monitored efficiently

How I built it

The Web Application is built with Angular and Yii framework.

Challenges I ran into

We started the development from scratch on Friday and by Sunday evening we wanted to finalise the MVP. So we faced several challenges:

  • we had to synchronise the development between the back-end team and front-end team
  • we had to plan a really optimal roadmap so every team member has tasks to do and do not wast time on waiting for someone
  • we had more experienced and less experienced developers in the team and the goal wasn't just to get the application done but also to help junior developers to learn in this hackathon.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I am really proud of the team because with all the challenges and pressure we managed to build a fully working MVP in just 3 days.

What I learned

I think every team member learned a lot from this project, we improved not just the technical skills but also the communication which is really essential for team work

What's next for Risk Group Manager Application

During the planning phase, we contacted a few regional councils to find out their specific difficulties in managing this sort of data and in the forthcoming weeks our target is to have at least 10 councils involved in beta testing. During beta testing, we’ll get more feedback and the application will be refined organically and then we can think about roll-out on a SaaS business model.

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