I and my team's hearts were pinched by the atrocities the under-privileged women were facing day in and day out. This motivated us to help the organization, Rising International build a new interface for these amazingly talented women to sell their products on a global scale. The mission and vision of Rising International inspired us to go the extra mile and build this application for them

What it does

It is a one-stop platform for women in a high-risk environment to fend for themselves. This website enables the sellers and buyers an online stage for selling the artisan's work of art. A lucid yet attractive display of statistics is given for the buyers. This application is aimed to replace the manual completion of paper forms.

How we built it

Our web application uses performance driven and efficiency outlined languages, architectures, framework and User Interfaces. We have used angularJS, HTML5, CSS3,Bootstrap, NodeJS, MySQL, IBM Bluemix for developing this end to end web application.

Challenges we ran into

We had a huge discussion and brainstorming session for understanding the system requirements. Getting a clear picture of the entire workflow was one of the challenges our team ran into. Integration of various platforms like the static HTML with the dynamic data was a challenging task. Creation of illustrative and attractive user interface while keeping the interface easy to use was also one of the hiccups we ran into.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Implementing the QR code scanning interface to the mobile users. This effectively replaces manual filling of forms.

Adding a touch of graphs and pie charts to the dashboard of the user helps the user understand the results better.

What we learned

Our team had a very good learning experience in better understanding the technology. Not just the technology, our team now understands the pain of an artisan and the huge steps taken by Non-Profit Organizations like Rising Internationals in aiding these artisans and valuing their skills. We now better understand the effort that goes into achieving women empowerment.

What's next for Rising Technologies

Rising Technologies provided us with unique and challenging requirements. This gave our team an amazing opportunity to develop efficient and supportable code which can be easily scaled and expanded. We will be more than happy to further extend our efforts in helping the organization by developing a full-scale end to end online marketplace, which might as well be the end product what the organization is looking at. Help one Help all!

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