There are 60,000 people in New York City that are homeless and in need. 24,000 of the 60 are children.

How it works

 When you go pay at a participating restaurant you can donate the rest of your change to help these people in need. At the same time you gain karma points that allows to redeem rewards at participating restaurants

Challenges I ran into

 User Authentication and thinking on how we can help the homeless without taking away their dignity.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

 We are most proud of creating this web app that will allow us reach out to the people who really needs a helping hand.

What I learned

  We all learned how to organize a well thought project and pitch it to judges.

What's next for riseUP

  We would like to expand from restaurants to services, such as Barber shops,clothing, services for job training and furnutring.
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