Like mountain climbers, entrepreneurs face a world full of vast possibilities. Should we take this route, this tool, this partner? Partners are essential to survive the brutal climb up the tallest mountains, So why shouldn’t that be the same for entrepreneurs, particularly women entrepreneurs?

Our team seeks to unite and strengthen the women entrepreneur community, by addressing ‘Tribalism’, ‘Family/Work Life Balance’, by connecting them through mentorships. As partners, mentors and mentees can tackle a structured road map of tasks, so they can stay focused on strengthening their ability to face any challenge.

As women RISE, with strong mentorships and relationships, more women will RISE with them..

What It Does

RISE will connect female entrepreneurs with each other, and provide tailored resources to users based on their profiles. This will increase the number of female entrepreneurs via retention by encouraging them to stay in the business, and it will increase their capacity by providing a support network for growth. Being part of this community will also help members maintain their personal well-being, which often gets ignored in the pursuit of business ‘success’.

RISE is styled after popular dating apps, so that reaching out can be a more casual affair, even offering the option of playdates, for the entrepreneur and their socially-inclined children. We include badges in our first iteration to show progress in categories such as:

Access tailored podcasts and resources for female entrepreneurs, such as JP Morgan’s Women on the Move podcast.

A bridge badge encourages users to make their first mentor/mentee connection. Sometimes you need a nudge to make the first move.

A playdate badge addresses the reality of raising a family while working. Children have strong social needs and fulfilling desire for playdates can also expand the social/professional network of the parent.

Be Better Together
This badge encourages users to pair up and attend larger events. A friend can sometimes sell you better than you can yourself.

Funding In order to break into the tribe, quarterly meet and greets with banks, venture capital funds, and other financial institutions are broadcasted onto the site. These meet and greets could focus on chosen users to participate in a “Shark Tank” style session, so that entrepreneurs can hone in on their idea, network, and get a chance to access funding.

Launch Once a business is launched, they are highlighted and featured as “success stories”.

How we built it

The concept for our web app was strictly done in frontend. We used Flask, HTML, and Bootstrap to make our web pages and get them up to our local server. The mock-up for the web pages were done using Figma. Git workflow was used for version control.

Challenges we ran into

The time constraint was definitely our most significant challenge. There was a lot that we wanted to do to present our project idea but we simply did not have the time to research and implement those ideas.

Another challenge was choosing a tech stack that we were all familiar with. We started out wanting to work with something completely new, but with the time constraint, we decided to ultimately go with technologies we had seen and used before.

Our final challenge was implementing the back end for our project. We wanted to have some sort of database involved, however, we didn’t have enough time to make it happen.

Accomplishments that we are proud of

We are proud of our project idea and sticking with each other to create something together. Even though we have never worked with each other before, we all communicated well and motivated each other. We’re also proud that despite going through so many iterations of what our project should look like and how it should be built, we overcame that initial hurdle and were able to commit to an idea and see it to the end.

What I learned

We all had the opportunity to develop and strengthen our frontend skills through this experience. Our contributors, Emmy, Gayathri, and Aiman got to dive deep into working with HTML, CSS, and Bootstrap. Our contributor, Anita, got well-acquainted with Figma and learned a lot about the planning and mock-up process. Everyone had the opportunity to utilize Git or see the workflow in action. Finally, we were all able to grow and strengthen our collaboration skills.

What's next for RISE

Meetups - In person networking opportunities Badge development and inclusion - reward system Adding support for the app to offer corporate style benefits and social safety net programs such as 401k and health insurance, which are huge worries for starting entrepreneurs.

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