Waking up in the morning is way too difficult and I am way too good at turning off my alarm. My alarm is hidden in the opposite corner of my room from the bed and I have figured out how to hit snooze and be asleep again in seconds.

What it does

Integrates with a light switch to turn on room lights and buzzes. Integrates with Google Calendar.

How I built it

With a breadboard and a cardboard box

Challenges I ran into

The 7-segment clock display I got had very little documentation so I had to manually test the pin-out and write a custom function to shift readable values into it.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Having a working prototype using the ESP8266 which I have never used before (opened the box at the beginning of the hackathon and started soldering)

What I learned

Public trigger services are not great for real-time triggers (5-60 min inaccuracies)

What's next for Rise and Shine

Fully integrated prototype for personal use. After that would be taking steps to enable parameter customization for end users. More reliable triggers would also be nice.

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