Have you ever been outdoors, but unsure if the area you were in was safe? Have you ever encountered an outdoor hazard that you wanted other people to be aware of in the future? Risco aims to solve these problems!

Outdoor activities such as hiking, camping and hunting carry with them a degree of danger for the people involved. If people were better informed of the risks in their environment, a more healthy relationship could be formed with nature. For example, if a hiker could know that he/she is in an area frequented by grizzly bears, extra precautions may prevent an encounter. Risco displays official data from the Alberta government for known grizzly bear zones, snake zones and wildfire locations on a map of Alberta, in combination with user-generated reports of hazards encountered outside.

User driven posts, which may contain a description and a photo, provide a real-time update of dangers that may be present. The community of contributors will help alleviate the load that local authorities face when dangers are reported. However, to make sure that park authorities stay informed, Risco also provides an easy one-touch shortcut to report hazards through a phone call.

As available datasets continue to grow, Risco will also grow as more data will be integrated into the app. The outdoors are beautiful, but present great dangers as well. Risco provides the big picture of the dangers that exist in Alberta, allowing you to get outdoors without having to worry.

Now available in the Windows Phone Store!

Built With

  • .net
  • alberta-wildfire-status-map-data
  • c#
  • c++
  • catfood-shapefile-reader
  • grizzly-bear-zone-data
  • sensitive-snake-species-range
  • sql-server
  • wcf
  • windows-phone
  • xaml
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