Facilitate / Enable the Image processing features of Photoshop in UIPath

What it does

The Application Connector FIPS enables some image manipulations of Photoshop such as spatial rendering, cropping, decorating with text to generate a new photo with new decorated appearance.

How we built it

Exploiting the capacity of UIPath we interact with the Photoshop CS6 to develop the targeted feature

Challenges we ran into

Fully imitating the humain interaction with Photoshop GUI element to render a photo according to a predefined template with placeholders to be filled with information (image, texts)

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Mastering the virtues of UIPath, we succeeded in manipulating Photoshop application to format an image according to a predefined template Optimizing the interaction with Photoshop GUI element to perform the formatting task precisely with UIPath addressing methods

What we learned

Daring to use UIPath for developing more complicate automation process. Deeply digging inside to the addressing methods of UIPath to locate Web objects and interact with them

What's next for RIPS: Reformating Image with PhotoShop CS6

Extend FIPS with some other sophisticate image processing features of Photoshop like 3D text rendering , Image restoration / improvement. Incorporating the Artificial Intelligence in Image processing to add some semantic analysis on the contents of images.

Built With

  • uipath
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