Doing commerce on XRP makes sense because the fees is so low. But currently there isn't an easy-to-implement payment processor for XRP. RippleForms is a no-code hassle-free solution to accept payments.

What it does

RippleForms is a plugin that lets business owners create a minimalistic store using Google Form and accept payments within the form. A customer can fill the form and finish the payment with a link at the end of the form.

How does it work

  1. A merchant creates a google form like they normally do. To charge for an item they just need to type - {price} XRP. For example Red Polo Tshirt - 20 XRP.
  2. Next they have to paste their XRP wallet address into a pop-up and that's it!
  3. They can now share this form on facebook, instagram, whatsapp or embed the form in a webpage and start selling.
  4. Once the customer submits the form, they will find a link to complete the payment. This link will take them to a checkout page where they connect their Gem Wallet and approve the payment. If their payment goes through they will see a confirmation message.
  5. The merchant can see which of the form-fillers/customers have paid in the google spreadsheet linked to their form which will be automatically created when they save their wallet address
  6. Google forms, google sheets, Gem wallet and XRP are free. So a merchant can conduct international business for next to nothing.

Challenges we ran into

Matching the checkout page with the right customer was a challenge. This was solved using URL params. When a customer clicks on the payment link URL params of the row and column of their submission will be passed. So when the page loads we read the form submission data using the passed URL params and display the right checkout page details.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

This plugin will act as a bridge between web2 and web3. Especially for businesses to start an online store with payments for free

What we learned

Developing with XRPL and the Gem Wallet was a breeze because of the great documentation. Linking the checkout page and using the Google Sheets API was something new.

What's next for RippleForms

Next step to build a more secure version of the plugin. Also release a paid version with features such as branded checkout pages, subscription support, on-ramping and off- ramping.

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