The many past students and professors at goldsmiths that create computational artwork.

What it does

Users join the site and can place hexagonal nodes around the screen at a simple touch or click. When a node is placed it produces ripples of differing wavelength depending on the size of the node from each edge. When these ripples intersect with other node's ripples a sound and animation is produced depending on the colliding ripples wavelengths.

How I built it

Used node.js to serve everything, p5.js to do the animations and pusher pushes the data across all the users.

Challenges I ran into

Was using I ran into problems with, changed to Pusher but by then had to work on p5.js sketch. Had many problems with that, couldn't rotate the hexagons due to a glitch .etc, and only got the nodes to display! Quite disappointed in progress, only really got about 20% done, but learnt a lot!

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Fully learnt p5.js, practised setting up a simple node.js server and learned a little about syncronous web communication with and pusher.

What I learned

See Above.

What's next for rippleblitz

To do the next 80%!

Built With

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