We love sharing moments from our everyday lives with the people around us. Particularly at community events, social media has so much potential to bring people together. We wanted to build something that could deliver on that potential.

What it does

Ripple let's you quickly and easily share precious moments with everyone in your direct proximity. We want Ripple to build bridges, but also keep you in the moment. That's why you can only view a ripple once. If you like what you see you can send it out again, extending it's reach.

Launching Ripple you are presented with a beautiful camera view. Tap the shutter to take a picture. The picture hovers on the screen and by simply swiping it to the top of the screen, it is sent to all the users in your proximity annonymously. Haptic feedback let's you feel the ripple.

Next to the camera view, Ripple also includes a list of all the images (ripples) you received from people around you. Tap them to take a closer look. Again, you can simply swipe the image to the top of the screen to ripple it to everyone close to you. Once you are finished viewing the picture it is gone forever.

How we built it

Ripple relies on Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy to communicate to devices running Ripple around you. To make the transfer of high quality images blazingly fast, images are stored in Amazon S3 object storage and retrieved on each recipients device upon viewing.

Challenges we ran into

Working with the Bluetooth Low Energy standard can be complex, depending on the application. The software must efficiently use the available hardware resources, particularly when running in the background.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

This project was a debut into communication and social networking for all of us. The app works almost flawlessly and while it does still lack some key features, we think it's already a usable product that we are truly proud of.

What we learned

Swift. Surprisingly, for half the team this was a first Project written in Swift. We learned how teamwork can make even the hardest challenges achievable. Finally, this project led us to interact with numerous new APIs and technologies, opening our eyes to the endless opportunities technology offers.

What's next for Ripple

Working so hard for the past two days has brought us even closer to the vision and the potential we believe Ripple offers. Our aim is to add some finishing touches to a first public version of Ripple of the coming weeks. Ripple is an app we already want to use all the time and we believe others will too. With some luck, maybe the vision will catch on.

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