When we first heard of the challenge, we knew that we wanted to pursue it as it involves building something that has a positive social impact on society. As residents of countries which do not suffer from natural disasters, we can't empathise well but we can do our best to help, through the power of programming!!

What it does

It takes real-time data from tweets and generates a heat map in regions affected by natural disasters. The heat map is most intense in regions which requires the most assistance, allowing emergency responders to pinpoint exactly where to focus their efforts.

How we built it

  • Used Python for the extraction of tweets from Twitter through their API
  • Javascript to generate the heat map
  • Microsoft Azure is used to host our website and all of the tweets being scraped
  • Google Maps API
  • HTML, CSS and Bootstrap used for the web interface

Challenges we ran into

Took forever to get the Twitter API but most importantly, our project name

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We were able to keep motivations high and finish a project even after debating for 6 hours on a project idea..

What we learned


What's next for RipperMonsterJuiced

Thinking of a better project name..

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