As college students, the team at ripe! often find ourselves lacking in experience with regards to the know-how of food storage or the longevity of fresh produce. It always saddens us when we have to throw out food because it went past its expiration date or if we made too much of it, so we made the app ripe! which will help all adults, especially young adults new to cooking and grocery shopping, to figure out how to keep food fresh and limit food waste.

What it does

ripe! is an app that allows users to build grocery lists, track the amount of food thrown out, learn about keeping food fresh, and donate leftovers to nearby charities or soup kitchens.

How we built it

The prototype is built with Figma.

Challenges we ran into

The main challenge was ideation: we had a list of many features we wanted to include, but had to narrow them down in the interest of time and feasibility. We also know that grocery list apps and food trackers are common, so we had to work too make sure our product was unique.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We're proud of the interface, and also our concept! The team at ripe! believes that this product can truly enrich users' experience with food, and help them preserve food for longer so that they waste less and taste more. We also believe that if many users pledge to take action by wasting less food, we can help reduce global food waste and impact the environment positively at a much larger scale.

What we learned

We learned that food wastage has many environmental impacts that we initially didn't know about. None of the team at ripe! liked throwing out food before starting this project, but now that we've done research and know the context behind the impacts of food wastage, we have even more reason to take definitive actions to keep our food fresh!

What's next for ripe!

We want to add many more features, and possibly the ability to connect with other users. One main idea we had is including an FAQ section where users can learn about cool ways to use food scraps (i.e. for cleaning, cooking broth, room fresheners, DIY face masks etc.), so that users have an eco-friendly alternative when their food goes past the expiration date.

Built With

  • figma
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