Our family members are isolated at home (like many others). The spring break of our kids is not going good. We tried using few games and invented methods to compete for building good habits. We found out that it makes young people happen when someone wins or score more points, or strangely in youth when someone gets a chance to rub-in! It gives them pleasure and therefore happiness. It removes boredom and we found the family in general becomes more happy and positive.

What it does

Our video has details, but in short and in simplistic terms a collaborative, gamified todo list. When family/friends perform actions or achieve something (like exercise) they score points. With their points they compete with other members. Scoring more points give them winning spot.

The person setting up 'happiness template' (health worker, parents or HR person), select items each member can work on or compete in.

How I built it

  1. Making few changes to
  2. Building prototype of mobile app
  3. integration

Challenges I ran into

  1. Very short time for distributed team with day job/contracts.
  2. Even though is mature enough platform, integrating and short time created a challange
  3. Lack of Ux person, created additional work for team to make appealing App
  4. Business model and business use case to compete (We wanted to build that is actually fun & useful to community as well to our partner like

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

  1. Business model
  2. Prototype and story (whatever we achieved) in short time
  3. Interview with millennials reveal that if done right, this idea can be adapted specially during Social Isolation time

What I learned

  1. Finding our super powers, based on our skills to help community in our own capacity was tough one. Pandemic require some type of skill set to be helpful to others. We don't have medical expertise but we learn that we can still be useful and happy contributor to society even if it is not a direct solution to problem

What's next for Happiness Tracker App

  1. Completing the prototype, alpha testing and submit app for relatively larger audience.
  2. User testing, beta launch
  3. Availability for everyone
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